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Summer/Fall Tours

Just ask anyone who lives in the north and they will tell you. One of the most beautiful natural displays you can ever hope to see is the Aurora Borealis in the summertime! Yellowknife is famous for its 24 hours of daylight during the summer. But, by August it gets dark again and the Aurora Borealis comes out to dance across the skies once more.

Enjoy the sights of Yellowknife and take in one, two or three nights of spectacular Aurora Viewing.


We can put together a package that will make your exciting vacation the experience of a lifetime. You can always add an optional tour to your package!

Optional Tours

Besides our packages, we have some other great options for you to consider.
See the majestic power of nature for yourself as the Aurora shimmers and pulses across the sky, the light reflecting brilliantly off the waters of our pristine lakes.